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Kappa Chapter


Established November 8, 2000   

On November 8th 2000, Mary Catherine McDonald wanted to start a chapter at SUNY Fredonia.  Her two siblings were Arethusa Sisters, one at SUNY Geneseo and one at SUNY Potsdam.   Mary e-mailed AUAA President, Meredith Kaye, to find out how to start one.

On December 26, 2000, two Fredonia students, Mary Catherine McDonald and Kristy Simmons, flew to Long Island, New York to learn how to become Arethusa Sisters.  They met with the Arethusa United Alumnae Association for four days.

The members of the Association were Theresa Gonzalez Osso,  D'92,  Meredith Kaye-Tierney, D‘95, and Diana Petrat Franzini, D’85 .  The alumnae assisted in the drawing up the colony's constitution, sang songs, and educated the girls in the Ideals of Arethusa. The colony's first banner was made.

On December 29th, 2000, Mary Catherine McDonald and Kristy Simmons were inducted into the Arethusa Sorority - Sigma Gamma Phi.

They then returned to SUNY Fredonia and established the Kappa Colony of the Arethusa Sorority.

On April 26, 2002, the Kappa Colony was officially chartered as the Kappa Chapter of the Arethusa Sorority - Sigma Gamma Phi. "Arethusa Kappa became an elevating institution” at SUNY Fredonia.


Charter Ceremony — with Erin M. Donovan, Kim Brancato, Jennifer Gynnip Daunce, Kate Czarnecki, Lindsey Haag Kuhrt, Allyson Reinhart, Kel Brauner Buchholz, Katie Hudler, Liz Wixson Blass, Ann Morrison, Lauren Hynes, Jenn Smith Matejcik, Jenny Leigh, Jessica Hutchison Yeates and Christine L. Moskalik.

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