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Eta Chapter


Established 1925

Folded 1980

“The aim of Arethusa is to foster honor in each of its members. It creates situations in which ever girl is given opportunities to sacrifice her own selfish desires for he good of the sorority. She learns to think of personal honor and of  the honor and advancement of her sorority. Thus through altruism she learns the true meaning of honor and builds it into her character. The activities of the Arethusa in the past have been many and varied. Everyone in the school will admit that Arethusa has spirit and enthusiasm.  Besides the regular business meetings, which are held twice a month, there have been many parties and get togethers.” - The Oswego Normalia of 1926


Eta Officers of 1926

President - Dorothy Martin,

Vice President - Julia Maloney
Treasurer - Jane Rogers,

 Recording Secretary - Dorothy Davies
Corresponding Secretary - Jessie Milne,

Critic - Viola Mudge
Club Mother - Mrs. Marietta Odell,

Faculty Adviser - Miss Alice Easterling,

Faculty Adviser - Miss Adelaide Fitch

Oswego State Normal School


Thanks to the great efforts of Mr. Edward Vermue, Assistant Librarian of the Penfield Library at SUNY Oswego, the AUAA is discovering the history of our Eta Chapter. Mr. Vermue has provided us with a copy of the annual summary o the Arethusa Sorority from the 1926 yearbook, The Normalia.  He has also sent us photo copies of other articles and pictures about the Eta chapters activities.  The pictures can be viewed in the Photo Gallery.




Photo taken from the 1925 Oswego State Normal School Yearbook.



MARCH 15, 1969

Geneva Times

June 5, 1969

Geneva girl elected publicity chairman


… Arethusa Eta, the first sorority at Ontario County's college , was founded on March 15.  The organization was established to promote academic excellence and to maintain a close relationship between the College and the Community.

Membership in Arethusa Eta is open to all women enrolled at Community College of the Finger Lakes.  At the present time, 15 coeds belong to the sorority.

Officers are Susan Hayes, Canandaigua, president; Mary Ellen Bennett, Greece, vice president; Janice Kerns, Mt. Morris, secretary; Patricia Brendes, Sodus, treasurer; Kristi Pollok, Canandaigua, chaplain; and Nancy Quayle, Canandaigua, sergeant-at-arms.

Fall projects include a sidewalk art show and the establishment of a Biafra fund.

Pic 2

PLEDGING FOR UNITED FUND - Community college students (left t right): Richard Groth, Sigma Kappa Chi pubic relations manager; James Power, pledge master; Mary Ellen Bennett, vice president of the Arethusa Eta; and Jolene Capozzi, sorority public relations chairman, receive instructions from Carl Ritz, (right), YMCA general secretary concerning the volunteer house-to-house campaign about 60 college students will be participating in as part of a pledging for the Sigma Kappa Chi fraternity and the Arethusa Eta sorority.

- Daily Messenger, Canandaigua; Oct. 30, 1969

Pic 3 BLOOD DONOR - Members of the Community College of the Finger Lakes Arethusa Eta sorority turned up last week to give blood at St. Mary's.  Mary DeSieno (lying down is shown about to give blood while surrounded by other sorority members.  From left to right are: Barbara Joseph (president), Candy Colvin, Jackie Martello, Karen Braun (vice-president), Charlotte Baker and Janice Manzie.

- Daily Messenger, Canandaigua, NY; Sept. 25, 1973

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