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Anti-Racism Resources

The Arethusa United Alumnae Association and the Sisters of Sigma Gamma Phi Sorority want to express our condemnation for the murders of Black people at the hands of police in America. We as an organization believe that Black Lives Matter. Our hearts are with you.

We express our condolences to the families of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbury, and Tony McDade. They are the most recent Black Americans lost to unjust systems. They are unfortunately part of a long list of injustices against people of color, particularly Black people across our country.

We must come together, as a sisterhood and a community, to acknowledge that institutional racism and inequality exists, and its reach knows no boundary. We must be active participants in erasing hate and discrimination from our Justice System and society. This starts with unlearning internalized racism which has been ingrained in our beliefs as well as the very foundation of our country. It is only then that we can hope for a day that the senseless killings of Black and Brown folx can come to an end.

View our full statement below.

Click below to find a list of Anti-Racism Resources: 

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