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Alpha Chapter - 1870 Constitution

Order of Business

· House called to order.

· Roll called by Secretary, Response by quotation

· Appointment of Critic.

· Secretary’s Report.

· Treasurer’s Report.

· Librarian’s Report.

· Proposing for Membership.

· Election of Officers.

· Miscellaneous Business.

· Essay.

· Division of House on the Question.

· Debate.

· Decision of President upon the Question.

· Recitation Selection

· Chief Disputants present a Question.

· Appointment of Chief Disputants.

· Report of Committees.

· Miscellaneous Business.

· Report of Critic

· Adjournment.

1870 Constitution

Article I

Name and Object


Section I

This Society shall be called the Arethusean

Section II

The Object of this Society shall be the intellectual improvement of its members through literary exercises.

Article II

Of Members

Section I

A Member of this Society must be a student of the Brockport State Normal; must signify her willingness to participate in the exercises and activities of the Society as described in this Constitution and the Bylaws.

Section II

To become a member of this Society the name of the person

desiring admission must be presented to a committee,

authorized by the Society, and must receive the approval of a majority of said committee;


This society shall have public exercises at the close of each term.


The Constitution and Bylaws of this Society shall be read at the first meeting of each term, with closed doors, and regular

exercises shall occur on the second evening, with the exception of the debate, which shall be impromptu.


Brockport Normal Chapter

October 4th 1870 A. D.

The young ladies were requested to meet immediately after school and unanimously complied with the request.


After listening to the advantages and disadvantages arising form a literary society as portrayed by their worthy Preceptress, Mrs. H. E. Scylla, it was motioned by Miss E.J. Chriswell that Miss J. Byrns be appointed chairman for the time.  Miss Byrns being duly elected addressed the meeting in a manner well pleasing to all, upon the steps of management to the organization of such a society upon a satisfactory and firm basis.


After which the meeting proceeded to elect its officers by ballot.  Miss J. Byrns was elected President, Miss E. J. Chriswell, Nice President, I. Goodrich was elected Secretary, Miss H. Brayton was elected Treasurer.  The tellers were then elected by acclamation.


On motion of I. I. Goodrich the President was vested in authority to procure a constitution and By Laws for the Society and to present the same at the next meeting.

On motion of Miss C. H. Norton the Society adjourned until the next week Friday evening at 7 o’clock.   - Ida Goodrich

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