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Pins of Arethusa

Our jewelry tells a story of our history. In many of our pictures you can see sisters wearing the Pin of Arethusa. In the 1920's it was on the collar. Later on it was on the lapel. This morphed into putting the "A" on clothes such as the 1933 jumper and Saddle shoes from Epsilon chapter at New Paltz. 

Today, all jewelry can be purchased at our online store. The A pin and the crest pin are the original molds used for making jewelry way back when. We have partnered with the original jeweler to create our one of a kind signature jewelry that sets Arethusa sisters apart from the rest! Sister pins and Crest pins are available for purchase through the A Shop.

Very little is known about the pins of Arethusa.

We have discovered from an article in The Stylus, Brockport Normal’s student paper, dated May 5, 1938, that “the society adopted a pin in 1878 and that a few years later another design was selected.”


Another reference of a pin was discovered in the Delta Chapter’s 1894 Minutes Book.  “It was decided that our pin (Delta Chapter) be set with emeralds and pearls, that emeralds bring the only feature distinguishing us from the other chapters.”


A third reference of another pin was found in the Cortland student newspaper, The Hilltop Press.  The article entitled “Arethusa Holds Spring Meeting” was dated March 31, 1950.  “...Marge Lind was announced and she relinquished her Grand President Pin to the next in line, Nancy Dumbo of Oswego.”


The pins pictured are the President’s Pin and the Vice President’s Pin of the Delta Chapter.  Nothing is known about he origin of these pins or how long the chapter has possessed them.  Some of the Founding Sisters of this chapter are wearing “A” pins in their graduation photo.

Photos of the Alpha and Beta chapters show Sisters wearing pins similar to the Vice-President’s Pin.

The Epsilon Sword Pin was given to new sisters once they completed pledging.

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