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The Historical information contained on this web site was made possible by dedicated Sisters such as Wendi Hewes (Iota), Jaska Desocio Langlois (Iota), Kelli Otis (Eta), Theresa Gonzalez-Osso (Delta), Meredith Kaye-Tierney (Delta), and Diana Petrat-Franzini (Delta).  And through the kindness and generosity of our Fountain Friends, Charles Cowling ,Judith Bushnell, William Andrews, and Alan Ladd!

We have only scratched the surface of the vast amount of material that is associated with Arethusa's 146 years of existence. 

Our research has mostly been through microfilm research of local newspapers, college newspapers, and college yearbooks.

But not all the colleges have these materials on microfilm and are available via interlibrary loan. Today with the volume of information on the internet, we continue to delve into our rich history and create new memories to preserve.

The greatest discoveries from the past 20 years were from Sisters who volunteered their time to go to a college library and copy documents, articles, and scan photos of Arethusa from archives. 

Today we need more of these dedicated Sisters to help with our preservation efforts. We are looking for Sisters to give a little of their talents to enrich the AUAA and experiences for our Alumnae.

A few hours of your time can really make a difference and help revive the Spirit of Arethusa. 

Love in "Arethusa"

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