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Before Greek Letters

Since the 1770s, literary societies such as Arethusa existed at virtually all the colleges and universities in America (Harding, 1972). They began with essays, debates, songs and recitations but morphed into social aspects and grew to what it is today. The "A" is one of our most precious legacies of that growth and development. It symbolizes our beginnings and is recognized by all members today. When the AUAA traveled to Brockport to research the history of Arethusa, imagine our suprise and excitement when we discovered pictures from the 1800's with "A" pins, "A" clothes and pictures in the shape of the "A".


Harding, Thomas S. (1972), College Literary Societies: Their Contribution to Higher Education in the United States, 1815–1876, New York, New York: privately published)

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