Sisters from the Class of 1973, Oneonta

​The Purpose of the Arethusa United Alumnae Association

  1. The goal of this organization is dedicated to the preservation of Sigma Gamma Phi, Arethusa Sorority, in its ideals and tradition set forth by the Arethusa Sisters.

  2. To unite alumnae from the twelve known and future chapters of Arethusa, and establish an international membership directory.

  3. To assist in the organization of alumnae reunions and alumnae activities.

  4. This organization is not intended to replace established Alumnae Associations of the individual Arethusa Chapters, but serve as a means of communication among the individual Alumnae Associations.

Sigma Gamma Phi, Arethusa Sorority Mission Statement

An updated sorority mission statement is currently in progress, and will be released by December of 2020.​

Interested in assisting? Sisters, please share your perspectives and experiences via the link below:


June 2018


Every end has a new beginning. Every little encounter and experience gained in college and in Arethusa has been enriching and will remain your most cherished memories for the rest of your lives. But graduation is not an end goal in itself; it is instead a part of the larger journey of life. Wherever your future takes you, let it take you somewhere glorious. Life is a journey, and all accomplishments we achieve during its course should be taken as starting points for further achievements. Our graduation should serve as such a launching point, projecting us to wherever our futures are meant to take us. The road that lies ahead won’t be easy. There will be obstacles, missed exits, potholes and roadblocks. There will be times when each of us will feel like we cannot possibly go on. There will be times when each of us will think she is alone, a back against the wall. But we are not alone—we are all in this journey together. Nothing worthwhile is easy, and that includes making the most out of our futures and the AUAA. We will keep pushing, because we know we can achieve our dreams, and because we are worth it.


Look at the new page posted on our site: Graduates: From Actives to Alumnae. I've posted pictures from Facebook and Instagram of our sisters taking that walk to the next stage: Alumnae. If you have a picture of your graduation please send it to us and we'll post it for you. 

Recently I was asked what it costs annually to maintain the AUAA. We are a transparent organization. Here's what it costs annually. 

% for whatever taxes we owe to the state or govt from sales

CPA for Tax Preparation - $593

Website and Store - $204

Domain Name - $23.60

Total Costs $821

The AUAA needs you. We need your talents, your experiences and your passion for our sorority to keep the AUAA meaningful to our alumnae. Use our resources to support each other : advice, jobs, housing, etc. I am asking you to donate a little time, talent or funds to the AUAA. We need more dedicated Sisters to help with our growth and preservation efforts. We are looking for Sisters to give a little of their talents to enrich the AUAA and experiences for our Alumnae. An hour of your time can really make a difference and help continue the Spirit of Arethusa. How are you going to make your mark as an alumnae?

Love in "A"

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